If My Plate is a Mirror… How do I change my reflection?

Okay, I dropped a pretty big bomb on you in my last post. If the way we do anything is the way we do everything, as Geneen Roth has taught us, then how the hell do we change the reflection we see when we examine our relationship with ourselves?



All you need is Love

The answer is truly as simple… and as complicated as that.

Geneen Roth also teaches that lasting lifestyle and diet changes are not achieved by shame, deprivation, guilt, force or fear. The answer really is LOVE!

Lasting changes are made by loving ourselves. I don’t how else to say this.

They are also made by establishing a practice of self-compassion, self-care, self-respect and self-acceptance (essentially self-love). There.

You have probably tried some sort of diet before in an all out attempt to lose weight to feel better about yourself.

Let me guess… an all protein diet? A one Yoplait and one string cheese a day diet? The “I’ll only eat salad” diet or the celery stew diet for 10 straight days?

What happened?

You may have found yourself eating a cheeseburger or a carton of ice cream within 24 hours of starting said diet. Then mercilessly hating yourself for not having enough will-power, good enough genetics or self-discipline – ouch.

The self-hate inner dialogue can feel like the Hotel California… “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!”

I’ve been there.

Therefore, we both know it’s true – deprivation, fear, guilt, shame, and the all-pain-no-gain approach just doesn’t give you the results you want nor the sanity that will sustain you through a single day in this life.

So how the hell do you learn to love yourself?

Start with accepting yourself – however you are, in this moment, today.

If you feel broken, just accept that. Sit with that. Meditate on that. Feel that. And remember, you are not alone.

We are all broken in some way, somewhere. Once you stop fighting against it and accept it, you can allow yourself to be treated (by you) as the glowing light you truly are.

Chin up, buttercup! You’re on a beautiful journey of true-self-love…

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Your Plate is A Mirror

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Think. About. It.

The way you eat, the way you spend money, the way you love… are there some threads between your behaviors regarding some of these areas in your life?

The day I heard Geneen Roth speak of this concept was the day I realized I would never “diet” ever again.

Just as we express ourselves through our work, relationships, passions, art, dance – we express ourselves through food and the way we eat.

Every bite you take is a mirror, if you choose to look into it.  It reflects your deepest-held beliefs about yourself; about how much love, joy, pain, happiness, (fill in the blank), you truly believe you deserve.

This can be a powerful concept to understand, accept and embrace.

I hope it inspires you, as it did me, to look at your plate and reflect upon something deeper than your relationship with food –  the relationship you have with yourself.

So, what are you expressing?


Do you like the reflection you see?

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The Non-Detox Detox

I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest Detox. Everyone’s doing it. Your co-worker, your neighbors, your sister’s friend.  Does it sound a bit extreme for you?



Maybe the vegetable juicing – hot yoga – colonics deal just isn’t your thing… I don’t blame you! That doesn’t mean you can’t find your own way to safely detox.

Here are some of my favorite ways to detox without having to give up solid foods and a consistently good mood.  These are some great practices to do if you feel like you’re in a little funk and want to get that pep in your step back…

Try these tips out for a whole weekend or even three days (omg!) and notice how you feel!

1. Water  – lots of it and nothing else – no coffee, soda, tea, wine, gin, vodka, beer. Just the clean and clear stuff!

2. Sleep – get at least 3 nights of 7-8 solid hours in a row and see how you feel. Can you get in bed before 10pm? I dare you!

3. Greens – eat something green and leafy with every meal. This will spark your creativity, let’s see how crazy you can make breakfast! Raw veggies will help clean out your insides, but this may be painful, so don’t over do it.

4. Exercise – get that heart pumping and sweat flowing. No better way to expel the toxins than to pump them out with some good ol’ cardio or weight lifting.

5. Turn off the Boob Tube – practice yoga or meditate for a few minutes each day to calm your mind. Try it in the middle of a hectic workday and see how it shifts your attitude and ability to deal with stress.

6. Disconnect – turn off every single electronically powered device that you own, this aircraft can’t get off the ground unless you power down. Light a candle, read a book, look up at the stars, take a bath, just do it.

7. Nature – get away from people, cars, responsibilities, and stress as much as possible. Fill your line of vision with as much green and blue as possible. Fill those lungs with unadulterated oxygen. Soak it all in.

8. Laugh – make plans with that one person who always brings you up, seek out a comedy club or rent your favorite knee slapper. Get your friends together and play Cards Against Humanity, just get on the floor and get rollin’.

9. Touch – get a massage or ask a friend or spouse to give you a nice rub down (nicely usually helps). This will get the toxins groovin’ towards the exit and help you feel relaxed, recharged and loved. There isn’t really anything better than that.

10. Love – express your love and gratitude for people, pets, plants and everything that’s going well for you in your life. This little gesture could be the springboard to a whole ripple of wonderfully amazing things. How cool is that?

Go and detox in peace, my friend.

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7 Tips for the Fall Transition

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. The leaves, the sunsets, the drop in temperature… it’s all so magical.

It's starting to feel like Fall...

It’s starting to feel like Fall…

However, it can be a bit of a shock to the immune system and to our lives in general. If your summer was spent in 5th  or 6th gear like mine was, you may be welcoming the change in season as much as I am this year. The transition from summer to fall is wonderful, but can also lead to colds and burnout if we don’t practice extra self-care.

Here are some tips for enduring the Fall Transition:

1. Slow down – right now, in this moment. Take a deep breath, hold it in and then let it out. Being aware that you’re in a transition will help you navigate this time period.

2. Take time to be alone. Spend some time reflecting on the year so far. How did it go? What challenges did you overcome? What went well for you? What would you like to see happen in the remaining 4 months? Visualize fall and winter and what changes you’d like to make as they approach.

3. Say “No”. You probably felt energized to be social all summer long and boy was it fun. But maybe you’re feeling exhausted? Allow yourself to skip out on any social engagements that you might not feel up to in the next few weeks. You don’t need to go into hiding, but just give yourself the option to take a break and recharge your social energies.

4. Get back to the basics. Evaluate what you’ve been eating lately and try to simplify your diet.  Prepare as many home-cooked meals as you can. This will be soothing as your environment changes around you and keep your energy up throughout the day.

5. Drink more water. As you start spending more and more time inside, you’ll inevitably sit more and more – keep your water intake high to combat this change. It’ll keep you getting up to go pee more and more 🙂

6. Keep up the exercise routine. Find an enjoyable way to keep moving, but don’t over do it. This is the time of year to be conscious of how you’re treating yourself, this includes exercise! Keep moving, but don’t burn out, you’ll need the motivation when winter really hits!

Combine Tips #6 and #7 if at all possible.

7. Be in nature. Get outside and enjoy the elements while they are still enjoyable. Breathe deeply, take a walk with somebody you love or take a break from technology for a few hours (yes, leave your phone at home).

Here's a Pacific Northwest Sunset for inspiration

Here’s a Pacific Northwest Sunset for inspiration


Beautiful Fall!

Enjoy these last bits of summer as long as possible!

Destination Dirty Thirty


My older brother turned 30 this week. It was a grand time of celebration with great friends, karaoke and cake.

Since we are roughly 3 years apart, I started thinking that in 3 years time I will be turning 30… what will my life look like?  More importantly, what do I want my life to look like? Is the way I am living my life now going to set me up for that life on the eve of my dirty thirties?

The truth is, every day we have a million choices. We choose how to think and act. We choose which stories to tell ourselves about what is true and real. We choose what to eat and how to eat it.

Every choice we make today directly affects our minds, bodies, lives and the world tomorrow. Today I choose to treat myself (mind, body and soul) with kindness. I choose to express this through a practice of mindfulness. I know that tomorrow I will feel great and if I keep it up, in 3 years I will happily embrace my thirties.

Is the way you are living life today going to produce the life you want in a year? 5 years? 10 years?

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